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A round up of all Live performances and interviews from Trashed TV Episode One

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Trashed TV Episode One Live Guests

Hands Off Gretel (feature music I Want The World).
The Jade Assembly.
Toria Garbutt.
Denise Johnson.
Neighbourhood Baby.
Casey Jones DnB.

Trashed TV Episode One Interview Guests

Manchester Music Creative Collective / Wend Smithy.
Charlotte Wellings Photography / Realm Of Pixels.
Stone Icon.
Rhys Grover Photography.

Three of a Kind Guests – Back Stage Festival Talk:
Liverpool Sound City – Becky Ayres.
Walters Page.
Kendal Calling – Ben Robinson.

New To Trashed TV?

Trashed TV takes the form in a three stage, live music magazine which includes live performances, art exhibits and special guest interviews. The events are filmed and goes out on line. 

Trashed TV

Our aim is to celebrate and promote all things creative whilst exposing a live audience to musical talent across multiple spectrums. You could hear anything from Indie Guitar to Drum & Bass and everything in between.

Trashed TV also offers a great platform for emerging talent as well as established names to share their news. We want people to experience, up close and personal, anecdotes and insights from a variety of special guest with some fun and antics thrown in such as our Bands on the Run feature.

Watch all videos from Episode One here or subscribe to Trashed TV on Youtube

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