Trashed TV

Welcome To Trashed TV.

Trashed TV takes the form in a three stage, live music magazine which includes live performances, art exhibits and special guest interviews. The events are filmed and goes out on line. 

Trashed TV

Our aim is to celebrate and promote all things creative whilst exposing a live audience to musical talent across multiple spectrums. You could hear anything from Indie Guitar to Drum & Bass and everything in between.

Trashed TV also offers a great platform for emerging talent as well as established names to share their news. We want people to experience, up close and personal, anecdotes and insights from a variety of special guest with some fun and antics thrown in such as our Bands on the Run feature. The Trashed TV stages which are:

The Live Stage: Expect anything from acoustic sets, poets, live bands to our special guest DJ slots and Trashed TV after parties. 

The Interview Stage: Our interview stage (as pictured above) sees various celebrity guests join our presenters, Alex & Gaz on the sofa for some “Trashed Talk’. 

Never Mind The Pollocks Stage: Our creative stage showcases artists and creative minds in all its forms. From art pieces made of broken vinyl to graffiti, photography and more.

Past Trashed guest have included:

  • Clint Boon (The Inspiral Carpets, XS Manchester).
  • Slow Readers Club.
  • Hands off Gretel
  • The Space Monkeys.
  • The Vryll Society
  • Fuzzy Sun.
  • Denise Johnson (Primal Scream).
  • Argh Kid.

We’re always on the look out for new and exciting bands/artists, creative artists, interview guests, DJ’s and that something which is just a little bit different. Apply here and give us a shout. Catch us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for regular updates.